“Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science and Technology” is reckoned in major Government Universities of Pakistan. The University was established in 2002 under a presidential ordinance. After that, the University started taking steps of development as soon as possible and joined Pakistan’s top official listings. At present, a large number of students in Urdu University are engaged in academic and research activities. There are three campuses of the University, two of which are in Karachi and one in Islamabad. Departments for Islamic Studies are established in both places, Karachi and Islamabad. A long-term requirement to release a Research Journal at the Islamabad campus was being felt. So with the consultation of qualified scholars, a research Journal of Islamic Studies was launched named “Al-Wifaq” to promote the research activities in the field of Islamic Studies in 2018.

Al-Wifaq is HEC Recognized “Y” Category Research Journal 
Published by the Department of Islamic Studies, Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science & Technology, Islamabad, Pakistan.

Mission & Vision

Al-Wifaq Research Journal is a biannual and trilingual (Urdu, Arabic & English) research journal related to the field of Islamic Studies which publishes in June and December every year.

The team of the Journal is following the rules defined by HEC (Higher Education Commission). It is a peer-reviewed journal and is published biannually in three languages by the Department of Islamic Studies, Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science & Technology, Islamabad, (Pakistan) under the Patron In-Chief Vice-Chancellor of the Federal Urdu Univerity of Arts, Science & Technology.

The aim of this Journal is to promote research in the field of Islamic Studies and provide a dynamic platform for researchers and professionals to share their efforts and circulate their achievements and practical experience through providing opportunities for print and online access to quality material for all those who have their interests in research regarding religious sciences.

The journal is constantly struggling to achieve distinction by promoting the quality of research. The team of the Journal is also committed to accelerate with professional ethics to set standards of quality and academic integrity.

The purpose and goal of the Al-Wifaq Research Journal are to highlight Islamic concepts, to answer the questions, and to find solutions to different issues of the modern era in the light of Shariah.


Al-Wifaq is a biannual research journal that focuses on Islamic studies to publish arbitrated articles dealing with various aspects of life. It covers various branches of knowledge such as Uloom-ul-Quran, Uloom-ul-Hadith, Usool-e-Fiqh, Comparative Religions, Ilm-ul-Kalam, Sufiism, Philosophy, History, Culture and Civilization, Law, Politics, Economics, Anthropology, Education, Human Rights as well as contemporary issues in Islamic perspective, etc. Similarly, Commentary on Islamic books and biography of Muslim Personalities are also published in it. As the Journal accepts articles in three languages (Urdu, Arabic, and English), so in this way, it establishes a scholarly relationship between academic and intellectual communities of the world in the field of Islamic Studies.